Lutu was a great elephant we had the fortune to see at Ndutu on year. As if he could read, he walked up beside the danger sign and proceeded to graze. Ten days later, we were back at Ndutu hoping to get another glimpse of him, but were met by the managers at the door in tears as they shared that Lutu had been found dead a few days earlier. They came to the conclusion that he and another elephant must have had a confrontation over territory, and Lutu lost. We knew him by the hole in his right ear.

Prices (prints only):
5 x 7  ~ $15 (add 1.5 mat to fit 8 x 10 frame)
8 x 10  ~ $25 (add 3 mat to fit 14 x 18 frame)
11 x 15 ~ $35 (add 2.5 mat to fit 16 x 20 frame)
12 x 18 ~ $50 (add 3 mat to fit 18 x 24 frame)
20 x 30 ~ 125 (crop to 18 x 30, add 3 mat to fit 24 x 36 frame)

Also available as framing quality note cards:
4.5 x 6.25 ~ $5 each in individual plastic sleeve protector
Boxed Set of 6 note cards ~

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